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Benefits of becoming a TuneAmp Retail Partner

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Considering adding hearing solutions to your clinical offering?

Put off by relying on third party companies providing this service?

Put off by the small return on investment?

Little or no space available within your practice?

Concerned about patient loyalty and having little or no control?


Overcome this and more with this new and exciting business opportunity only from TuneAmp. Take total control of your new hearing business now.

TuneAmp is the world’s only patented self-tuning over-the-counter hearing device with a unique self-programmable feature. As your patients hearing demands change TuneAmp can meet their demands.

TuneAmp products are marketed through retail opticians offering practitioners an opportunity to enter into this market without the need to rely on any third-party support company giving practitioners full control of this practice building opportunity whilst enjoying enhanced profitability and at the same time promoting better patient loyalty and long term patient retention.

A complete range of hearing devices are available from budget solutions right through to state of the art devices controlled from your iPhone and even “in-the-ear“ solutions.

TuneAmp devices can be programmed and fitted in around 10 minutes and there is no need for a dedicated acoustic cabin/separate room or expensive sound equipment.

TuneAmp facts

  • Practices do not require an audiologist to fit and dispense the devices, nor do they require training or a license.
  • TuneAmp hearing devices are highly competitively priced around a third cheaper than the leading brands that offer similar levels of technology.
  • TuneAmp is the only programmable over-the-counter hearing solution for 80% of the hearing impaired population.
  • TuneAmp provides a complete retail starter pack to launch and support your TuneAmp business.

Interested in becoming a TuneAmp Retail Partner? Contact us for further information.

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