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The Cardiff Near Test


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Like its ‘sister’ test, the Cardiff Acuity Test, the Cardiff Near Test uses vanishing optotypes. The
targets are drawn as black and white outlines on a neutral grey background; the average luminance of
the target is equal to that of the grey background. If the target lies beyond the subject’s acuity limit, it
merges with the grey background, and simply becomes invisible.
The benefit of the vanishing optotype is that the test is considerably more sensitive to blur than is a
conventional test. The end-point is therefore sharper and the test should allow relatively small deficits
in accommodation or focusing to be picked up.
The targets used are pictures, decreasing in overall size, and in width of the white and black bands. The
acuity is given by the narrowest white band for which the target is visible.
Unlike the Cardiff Acuity Test, the near version does NOT use preferential looking. Instead it is a
naming or matching test and is therefore aimed at children aged 3 years and older.
The chart consists of rows of vanishing optotype pictures in a LogMAR sequence calibrated for
acuities of -0.3 (6/3, 20/10) to 1 (6/60, 20/200) in 0.1 LogMAR steps for a viewing distance of 33cm
(13 in). All lines comprise 3 pictures, each equal to 0.033 LogMAR, so that individual pictures can be
scored. A matching card is provided in large, high contrast format.
Present the matching card to the child first, to familiarise the child with the concept of the test and to
build confidence. Determine whether the child prefers to name, sign or match the pictures. Then
present the first of the two test cards, at a distance of 33cm from the child’s eyes. Ask the child to
name, sign or match each picture. Proceed to the second card. As with standard tests, the end-point is
the finest picture that the child can recognise correctly. You may want to intersperse ’easy’ pictures
(i.e. return to a larger line) with ‘harder’ ones, to keep a child’s motivation.

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