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Medmont E-300 Corneal Topographer

Product Ref: MED-E300

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The E300 is The industry standard Corneal Topographer

The E300 Advantage

  • Largest Coverage of Any Placido Ring Topographer, Limbus to Limbus
  • Considered the GOLD Standard for Fitting Specialty Lenses
  • Exceptional Accuracy With a Standard Deviation of Error of 2 µm
  • Best in Class Non Invasive Dry Eye Analysis
   Download Dry Eye Study
    Computer Requirements

Extreme Accuracy

The Medmont E300 offers Extreme Accuracy for the Mapping of  a Patients Cornea.  It has a Standard Deviation of Error of less than 2 microns.  To put that into perspective, the average human hair is 75 microns.

It is also the only Placido Ring Topographer on the market that can map the cornea from Limbus to Limbus.  This is a huge advantage when fitting Scleral or GP Lenses.

Precision Optics

•  32 Rings
•  102,000 Analysed Points
•  9600 Measurement Points
•  Composite Mapping Coverage 0.25mm to 14mm
•  Extrapolated Data Out to 17mm
•  Power Range 10 – 100 Diopters

The Gold Standard

Used extensively by the top Contact Lens Manufacturers and Optometry Universities throughout  the world, the E300 is considered the Gold Standard for fitting Specialty Contact Lenses.

With the ability to map out to 14mm, using Composite Mapping, it gives the practitioner / technician a very high percentage of first fit success rates.

Ease of Capture

Corneal Topographer Maps are captured automatically with a simple alignment system, meaning maps are captured in seconds not minutes.  Difficult surfaces become a simple task and patient comfort is completely optimised.

The new Bench Mark for Dry eye Analysis

The Results are In What the Study Showed
  • 12.1s Auto Breakup Time (TBUT) is the best cutoff time for Dry Eye Disease
  • Specificity of 94% and Sensitivity of 82%, which is more accurate than the tradtional fluorescence method of detecting dry eye
  • Repeatable baseline to measure Dry Eye progression
    Download the Dry Eye Study


•  Considering Orthokeratology
•  Considering Fitting Scleral Lenses
•  Considering Fitting Keratoconic Patients
•  Getting Less Then 90% First Fit GP Success Rates
•  Interested in Myopia Control for Young Patients
•  Need to Detect Signs of Corneal Thinning Disorders
•  Need to Assess Tear Film Quality or Break-Up Time
•  Assessing Corneal Shape because of Poor Visual Acuity
•  Want to be Regarded as a Specialty Contact Lens Fitter

Step by Step

Learn to fit Scleral, Ortho-K, ICD’s and other Specialty Contact Lenses on the Medmont YouTube Channel.  The Medmont Studio Software makes it easy for excellent first fit success rates.



  • Coverage diameter 0.25-11mm
  • Field of view 11mm H x 11mm V
  • Power control 10-100 diopters
  • Number of rings 32
  • Measured points 9600
  • Analysed points 102,000
  • Working distance 30mm
  • Repeatability Test object < 0.1 Diopters
  • Power requirements 12V DC Supplied direct via PC

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