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The Mitron Contrast Sensitivity Chart (Improved over Pelli-Robson)

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The Mitron Contrast Sensitivity Chart

Developed by BiB Ophthalmic Instruments these charts utilise letters of the same size but with reducing contrast to provide a quick means of assessing patient contrast sensitivity thresholds.

​For use at one metre. Two charts are supplied printed with a different sequence of letters, together with instructions for use and a scoring pad. Height: 80cm, Width: 60cm. Recommended lighting requirement: approximately 913 Lux or 85 cd’s m.”

A contrast sensitivity test measures the ability to distinguish between varying increments of light versus dark (i.e. contrast). Developed by optometrists, the Mitron Contrast Sensitivity Charts provide a quick and effective means for assessing and quantifying an individual’s contrast sensitivity threshold.

Why Test Contrast Sensitivity?

Contrast sensitivity is an important function because it is this sensitivity that allows us to see objects clearly – especially in condition where visibility is reduced, such as at night or in foggy weather. Furthermore, contrast sensitivity testing can be used to screen for various eye conditions or diseases, such as glaucoma, cataracts and diabetic retinopathy, where decreased contrast sensitivity is a symptom.

Features and Benefits of the Mitron Contrast Sensitivity Charts

  • Used to measure contrast sensitivity
  • Rapid and accurate testing method
  • Can be used to screen for various eye conditions
  • Chart consists of letters of decreasing contrast
  • Supplied with instruction manual and scoring pad

More on the Mitron Contrast Sensitivity Charts

The Mitron Contrast Sensitivity Charts provides a rapid and accurate means for testing and quantifying an individual’s sensitivity to contrast. These charts contain printed letters – much like the letter-based charts used to test visual acuity. However, while reading distance eye tests contain letters of the same contrast level, but of decreasing size, a contrast test chart contains letters of the same size, but of decreasing contrast instead.


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