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MP-eye. The new generation of macular pigment analyser

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MP- eye assess and tracks your patient’s macular pigment density over time, quickly  accurately with repeatable results.

Empowering your patients to make lifestyle changes that maintain long-term eye health whilst providing an ongoing return on investment with an increased dispensing revenue.

  • An invaluable device for aiding upselling of better protective eyewear such as blue block lenses, sunglass and encourages the uptake of dietary supplements if required.
  • The simple test protocol can be learned in five minutes or less and can easily be carried out by auxiliary staff without affecting chair time.
  • The tablet interface is intuitive and leads you through the examination so that you can focus on your patient.
  • The MPeye is suitable for any test or pre-test routine.


  • Examinations take between 1 and 3 minutes.
  • Now you can assess macular pigments as part of your standard eye examination.


  • Tracking changes in your patients over time requires equipment that behaves consistently.
  • The MPeye delivers highly repeatable results, so that you can be confident in each assessment.

Compact, simple & intuitive

  • With a footprint smaller than a sheet of A4, the MPeye fits into any examination room or perhaps most ideally suited in your dispensing area.
  • The MPeye outputs a single score that ranks the strength of your patients’ macular pigments against the wider population.
  • Regular assessment using the MPeye will enable you to detect changes in your patient’s score.
  • Significant decreases in this score could provide early warning of underlying eye health issues.

Tailor advice

  • The MPeye helps you identify people who would most benefit from additional eyecare products and services.
  • Empower your patients to make lifestyle changes that maintain long-term eye health.

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