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REVO nx OCT – *Optional Wide Field OCT-A & Biometery

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Single 3D Retina examination is enough to perform both Retina and Glaucoma analysis based on retinal scans. Software automatically recognize 8  retina layers. Thus allowing a more precise diagnosis and mapping any changes in the patient’s retina condition.



OCT Angiography* (Optional Extra)
This module allows visualization of the retinal microvasculature. Angiography SOCT is a non-invasive, dye-free technique providing 3D image of retinal blood circulation.

The Angiography mosaic delivers high-detailed images over large field of the retina.
Advanced tab provides: view of any vascular layers, enface view of vascular layers, depth coded and thickness map. Mosaic modes: 10×6 mm, 12×5 mm, 7×7 mm, 10×10 mm and Manual (up to 12 images).

Mosaic modes: 10×10 mm
 Mosaic modes: 7×7 mm
Mosaic modes: 10×6 mm
 Manual (up to 12 images)
Mosaic modes: 12×5 mm
 Mosaic modes: 12×5 mm – RPC Enface view
Mosaic modes: 12×5 mm –
NFL Thickness map
 Mosaic modes: 12×5 mm –
Retina Thickness map

Comprehensive glaucoma analysis tools for quantification of Optic Nerve Head, Retina Nerve Fiber Layer, DDLS,  Ganglion layer and Asymmetry.

For standard examinations no additional lens is required.  Additional adapter provided with the device allows to make wide scans of anterior segment.

BIOMETRY OCT* (*Optional Extra)
B-OCT™ innovative method of using the  posterior OCT device to measure ocular structure along eye axis .
OCT Biometry provides complete set of Biometry parameters: Axial Length AL, Central Cornea Thickness CCT, Anterior Chamber Depth ACD, Lens Thickness LT.

Result review
 Analysis window

Visually verify your measurement
All measurement calipers are shown on the all boundaries OCT image provided by REVO. Now, you can visually verify and correct what structure of the eye has been measured.

High density of standard 3D scan allows to precisely track the disease progress. Operator can analyze changes is morphology,  quantified progression maps or evaluate the progression trends.

Comparison view allows in easy and convince way to review results from two visits. The view is available for most of the scan programs.


A proficient networking solution increases productivity and an enhanced patient experience. It allows you to view and manipulate multiple examinations from review stations in your practice. Effortlessly helping to facilitate patient education by allowing you to interactively show examination results to patients. Every practice will have differing requirements which we can provide by tailoring a bespoke service. There is no additional charge for the server module.

Store, exchange, and transmit results through DICOM gateway to the hospital network.



ENHANCE TOMOGRAMS – 2 µm Ultra High (Digital) Resolution





ANGIOGRAPHY* (* Optional Extra)



Biometry OCT* (Optional Extra)
Innovative method of using the posterior OCT device to measure ocular structure along eye axis .
OCT-B based on measurements of the mutual position of individual eye elements.
The Eye elements are measured individually. System captures separate exams and measures distances
between structures of eye elements.

OCT Biometry provides:
AL Axial Length
CCT Cornea thickness
ACD Anterior chamber depth
LT Lens thickness

Clinical use
Axial distance measurement
UBM verification
Axial length in monitoring Hi myopic eyes -Myopia control
Measurement of anterior chamber depth for management of glaucoma

Benefits of OCT Biometry
Extends the use of Standard OCT
OCT Biometry provides exact measured boundaries of ocular structures
Manual correction of boundaries which is not available in Gold standard
Verification and precise correction for non typical cases
Precise IOL detection for pseudo phakic eyes

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