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Righton POLA LCD Test Chart

Product Ref: RIGHTON-BCA400AA

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The New Righton Polarised LCD Test Chart, with a 24’’ screen and dynamic polarization on white background. Using a combination of advanced technology and know-how, this new LCD will provide the best results in your exam room.

Fully featured, ergonomic and upgradable, The Righton Pola Test Chart is as simple to use as a chart projector. Available in standalone format or used with Righton RVII Auto Phorpter with intelligent link facility.

Features & Benefits

Comprehensive range of applications from low vision (ETDRS) to hyper acuity

Screening for colour vision deficiency

Contrast Test (useful after cataract or refractive surgery)

Working distance adjustable from 2 to 8 meters (6.5- 26 feet)

Upgradable as new tests are added

Multimedia feature (videos)

New white frame to better bring out the tests from the environment.

Advanced analysis of the binocular function

The use of the 3D polarization screen is one of the key features of this device

allowing a perfect dissociation of the right eye/left eye. This offers the ability to

proceed with many other tests with optimal quality for the exam of bi-ocular,

binocular, and stereoscopic vision.

Intuitive menu

With an accessible duochrome calibration (for a perfect and customized

extinction of your red-green filter, whatever phoropter or trial frame you use).



Series of optotypes : letters, numbers, Snellen tridents, Landolt rings, 4 ranges for kids.

Large range of acuities on all tests : from 0.05 to 2.00 with many steps.

Decimal or logarithmic progression (available scores : Monoyer, decimal, LogMAR, MAR and Snellen)

Ability to change the displayed letters by pushing on CHANG.

Isolated optotype, line, or triple display on the same or different acuity

R/G test available on any test at any time

Contrast adjustable from 100% to 5% on all ranges.


Additional tests

Parent’s test

Malett test

MKH tests (cyclophoria, stereo …)

Dots group

Jackson’s cross

Worth’s test

Schoeber’s test

Relief vision test (polarized)

Coïncidence, aniseïkonia (polarised)

Reticule of phoria (polarised)

2 ea. fixation points : small white circle & clown for kids

Ishihara tests

Binocular balance (polarised)

Duochrome balance (polarised).

Regan and Pelli-Robson contrast sensitivity tests

Amsler Test


Dimensions 695 x 455 x 70

Weight 11 kg (24 lbs)

Power 230 VAC

Screen 24”

Brightness 300 Cd/M2

Contrast ratio 1000

Remote control IR 22 buttons

Standard fixation Vesa 100 x 100

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