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TuneAmp In-Ear

Product Ref: TUNE-INEAR

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TuneAmp is the world’s only patented self-tuning over-the-counter hearing device with a unique self programmable feature. As your hearing demands change TuneAmp can meet your demands.

TuneAmp products are marketed through retail opticians offering practitioners an opportunity to enter into this market without the need to rely on any third-party support company giving practitioners full control of this practice building opportunity whilst enjoying enhanced profitability, and at the same time promoting better patient loyalty and long term patient retention.


TuneAmp starter pack and marketing material

Available now; A complete TuneAmp starter pack including, a selected variety of TuneAmp hearing devices, Dry Domes, Tips and tubes, demonstration unit including stethoscope, display case, 250 information leaflets, window sticker and a counter top banner.

Please contact us for the TuneAmp wholesale pricing structure. 

Programming your TuneAmp In-Ear.

“A beeping’ signal will help you identify pre-set programs.
Example: program 1 will emit 1 beep, program 2 will emit 2 beeps, etc.
Standard/Pre-set Program: Factory pre-set programming
Your hearing instrument can be programmed to up to 4 different listening programs.
When the hearing instrument is turned on, it will automatically be in program 1.
Other pre-set programs are for your specific needs that can be accessed by
using the memory switch.
Pressing of the memory switch will change the program according to the pre-set sequence: 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Technical data

Temperature: -20°/60° Celsius -4°F/140°F
Air humidity: ≤85%
Air pressure: 500 ~ 1100 KPa
Peak OSPL 90(dB SPL) 107
HFA OSPL 90(dB SPL) 101
Peak Gain(dB) 35
HFA full on Gain(dB) 24
Total Harmonic Distort:
500Hz(%) ≤2.0
800Hz(%) ≤2.0
1600Hz(%) ≤2.0
EQ Input Noise(dB) ≤30
Frequency Range(Hz) 250 – 6000

Whats in the box

TuneAmp In The Ear device (1) Cleaning brush (1) User manual (1) Closed domes (size: 9mm, 15mm) Mushroom dome set (size: S, M, L) Magic dome (size: 12mm).


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  • Wearing TuneAmp

  • Whats In The Box

  • TuneAmp Care

  • Resetting TuneAmp

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