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TuneAmp ReFocus Rechargeable

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Product Description

TuneAmp ReFocus is a rechargeable personal hearing amplifier. You will discover that with the ReFocus it is like having three amplifiers in your ear. Once installation is complete, the amplifier has three listening modes: omnidirectional (for quiet environments), directional (for noisy environments) and teleloop mode (T-coil) for use with TV systems and in looped environments such as theaters and churches.

Simple installation

During setup you will learn how to place the rechargeable battery on your ear and how to choose your favorite gain setting. The toggle switch is used during initial setup to try out and then lock in the desired gain setting. This will be your gain profile; it remains set while you switch between silent, hissy and teleloop modes. You can still tune your rechargeable hearing amplifier with the rocker switch as a volume control.

Please note: this package contains 2 hearing amplifiers and recharging station . The TuneAmp Refocus is also available with 1 hearing amplifier in the package (but comes with the same accessories).

Package contents

2x TuneAmp ReFocus Sound Amplifiers and Recharging Station
2 Earmuffs (left + right)
4 Earmolds: shell, 2 vented domes (large / small), 1 closed dome

Cleaning line
8 Button cell batteries 312 (brown)
Storage box
Quick start guided

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