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TuneAmp Touch

Product Ref: TUNE-TOUCH

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TuneAmp is the world’s only patented self-tuning over-the-counter hearing device with a unique self programmable feature. As your hearing demands change TuneAmp can meet your demands.

TuneAmp products are marketed through retail opticians offering practitioners an opportunity to enter into this market without the need to rely on any third-party support company giving practitioners full control of this practice building opportunity whilst enjoying enhanced profitability, and at the same time promoting better patient loyalty and long term patient retention.


TuneAmp starter pack and marketing material

Available now; A complete TuneAmp starter pack including, a selected variety of TuneAmp hearing devices, Dry Domes, Tips and tubes, demonstration unit including stethoscope, display case, 250 information leaflets, window sticker and a counter top banner.

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Our flagship model, the TuneAmp™ Touch, is the ideal multi-location hearing amplifier. Whether you’re out and about somewhere noisy or at home watching your favourite TV show, you’ll always be assured of ultimate hearing clarity.

Thanks to its noise-cancellation technology and dual microphones, the TuneAmp™ Touch easily blocks out unwanted background noise – even in typically crowded and loud environments – so you can hear what’s important.

And if you’re in a quieter place, TuneAmp™ Touch lets you hear everything – simply switch between modes to enjoy all around sound.

Innovative ClikFitⓇ technology gives you the power to adjust your device for your ears, and a built-in Telecoil ensures you’re always connected to your compatible phone or device.

Over time, hearing loss can progress, and that’s why TuneAmp™ Touch uses patented ClikFitⓇ technology – easily reset and adjust the device as your hearing changes.


Fully adaptable. Change programs according to environment including volume adjustment

New: TuneAmp Touch APP – Set up and adjustments can be made via the APP from your mobile device using Bluetooth connectivity for added convenience.

  • Directional mode (Noise program): allows for better listening in noisy environments – reduces background noise and clatter
  • Omnidirectional mode (Quiet program): for all-around sound
  • Cutting-edge automatic feedback control: minimises whistling
  • Digital volume control: fine tuning volume within your amplification profile for flexibility in difficult listening situations
  • 12 band graphic equalizer: provides smooth, natural sound with amplification only where you need it
  • User reset capability
  • Fast-acting sound-activated compression: 4-8 channels – improves audibility of soft sounds and softens sudden loud sounds
  • Low battery tone indicator
  • Push-button access to listening modes: Quiet and noise, allow you to quickly and easily customise your listening preference, depending on your situation
  • Warranty: 2 years as standard, extended to 3 years when you purchase a DryDome dehumidifier
  • Slim profile case: nearly invisible, no barrel effect
  • Colour: Dark Grey

Whats in the box

  • 1  Touch Device
  • 2  Tubes for left and right ear
  • 3 Dome Tips
  • 6 Weeks battery supply
  • Cleaning Line
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Instruction Manual
  • Quick Starter Guide

Technical Info

Programmable Yes
 Hearing Loss Range Mild-Moderate
Amplification Levels 4
Volume Levels (+5 or -5) 10
Gain in Decibels (DB) 37 (Earhook)
Band of Compression 12
Background Sound Cancellation Yes
Dual Microphone Yes
Rocker Switch Yes
Telecoil (T-Coil) Yes
Listening modes/program 3
Battery Life 7-8 Days
Low Battery Tone Indicator Yes

See Audi & Video drop down tab for more information including assembly, set up, programming and product care

  • What is the TuneAmp Touch

  • TuneAmp Fitting Earhook to Ear

  • TuneAmp Touch Remove Tube and Earhook

  • TuneAmp Care

  • Whats In The Box

  • Wearing TuneAmp

  • Resetting TuneAmp

  • TuneAmp Placing Tube on Device

  • TuneAmp Placing Tip On The Tube

  • TuneAmp Placing the Battery

  • TuneAmp Set Up

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