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Volk iNview

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The Volk iNview is an ophthalmic camera used to acquire wide-angle digital color images of the retina (fundus) using an Apple iPhone or iPod. Volk iNview is a combination product comprised of a mobile application (Apple App Store) and an indirect ophthalmoscopic lens attachment that fits for an Apple iPhone/iPod.

Volk iNview is intended to take photographs of the retina of the eye for the purposes of general visualization & patient education.

Leveraging the Power of the Apple iPhone with the Trusted Quality of Volk Optics

  • Quickly & effortlessly capture fundus images for visualization & patient education
  • Facilitate doctor-patient discussions related to disease progression and treatment plan.
  • Free mobile application available in the Apple App Store* (search Volk iNview)

New to the Industry!

The Volk iNview is an innovative new ophthalmic camera device able to capture wide-angle digital color images of the fundus using an Apple iPhone or iPod.

Download the Free App

Simply download the Volk iNview mobile app via the Apple App Store and use on your iOS device. Supported devices include:

  • iPhone 6 & 6S
  • iPhone 5S
  • iPod Touch (Gen 6)

Effortless Use with Auto-Capture Technology

The Volk iNview mobile app enables the device to automatically capture images of the retina during a patient session. The app automatically detects and selects for the most focused & defined images allowing even first time users to capture images quickly and easily.

Patient Data is Safe & Secure

The Volk iNview application allows the application to be securely encrypted with a password key ensuring patient data integrity and security.

Image Quality

There is a small difference, inherent to the iPhone and iPod Touch cameras, in the quality of the images as shown below.

iPhone 6 Image

iPhone 5S Image

iPod Touch Image

Volk iNview angled view

How Can I Use the Volk iNview?

Patient Engagement
Bring patients into the fold with convenient and quick imaging. Even share images directly to a patient’s phone or email.

Screening (Outside of US)
Easy to learn and can be used by any health care professional. The Volk iNview is an ideal low cost, easy to deploy solution.

Obtain a wide 50-degree field of view to visualize the entire posterior pole in one image. Images taken with Volk iNview are stored with patient data and can be easily exported to a PC or Mac.

Should I Use My Own iPhone?
There is no reason not to use a personal iPhone device as the camera for the Volk iNview. All patient data and images are encrypted within the application. Even if the iOS device was lost or stolen, the patient data within the application remains secure without the passkey.

Nevertheless, you may prefer to purchase a separate iOS device in order to capture images. Volk Optical offers a complete iOS camera system which includes an iPod Touch (Gen 6) with the iNview lens attachment.

Watch video demonstration via youtube:


Volk iNview in use

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