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Ideal for hospitals, paediatrics,  domiciliaries & as a backup in general practice

Bluminator has a patented LED based design to help see staining during the exam.

Bluminator produces a bright, spectrally pure beam of blue light which causes foreign bodies, abrasions, and other epithelial defects to fluoresce vividly.

The blue beam of the Bluminator is precisely the wavelength required to maximally excite the dye.

The view is enhanced by a 7.5x magnifying lens.

Blue Lanyard Included

  • 7.5x magnification clear plastic lens
  • Cobalt blue light at program wavelength to properly fluoresce Vivid neon green dye
  • Small 1.8″ (4.5cm) diameter and lightweight LED cobalt blue light
  • Durable ultra sonically sealed case
  • Weight only o.o454 kg

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