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NEW Charops CLM-1C Auto Lensmeter

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The all New Charops CLM-1C Auto Lensmeter

Incorporating the very latest in lens measurement technology…

New Large Colour Touch Screen with 45 degree tilt

New Technology with the Hartmann Sensor providing more accuracy in the measured values utilizing the Hartmann Sensor Wavefront Analysis Technology with more measurement points than our previous generations.

New Wider Prism range

New Expanded Prism Measurement Range Prism measurement range has been expanded up to 20, measuring from all directions of: BU, BD, BI, BO.

New Wider Range for Measuring Small or Large (Blank) Lenses It is easy to measure all lens diameters from 0/ 15mm to 0/ 120mm. 1 / 2 Lensmeters / Vertometer:

New Sunglasses & Refractive power. Charops CLM-1 Lensmeter easily measures sunglasses while measuring the refractive power of darkly tinted or mirrored sunglasses. The CLM-1 will calculate the refractive power of the lens by automatically amplifying the amount of light without requiring any additional key strokes, the same way it measures normal lenses.

New Blue Light and UV Measurement

Transmission Check Whole Blue light Wavelength with 4 LEO CLM-1 can check transmission rate for 4 wavelengths including; 395nm (UV). 415nm (Blue – Low). 460nm (Blue – High). 545nm (Green)

New Slimmer and More Compact Design

Measuring only 182x415x235mm, the CLM-1 works well in today’s compact office designs

New Faster and instant Auto Lens Recognition

Single Vision, Progressive and other lenses are recognized and the CLM-1 automatically enters the appropriate measurement mode.

New and Improved Progressive (Multifocal) Lens Measurement

Measurement is fast and easy by simply moving the target and following the on screen guides.

New User-friendly graphical interface

New Bright and easily visible graphical user interface(GUI)that gives feedback and guidance for easy-to-use operation.

New QR Code

Measurement data can be shown on display with QR code.

PD Measurement

Built in printer



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