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Optopol Revo nx 130

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THE WORLDS FASTES SPECTRAL DOMAIN OCT at 130,000 A scans per second.

Offering unsurpassed  scan quality and accuracy –  now with new I tracking facility.


Technology Spectral Domain OCT
Scanning speed 130 000 A-scan/sec
Light Source SLED, Wavelength 830nm
Bandwidth 50 nm half bandwidth
Axial resolution 5 μm in tissue
~2,6 μm digital
Transverse Resolution 12 μm, typical 18 μm
Overall scan depth 2.4 mm
Scan range Posterior 5-12 mm, Anterior 3-16mm
Scan types 3D, Angio, Radial HD, B-scan, Raster, Cross HD
Fundus image Live Fundus Reconstruction
Alignment method Fully automatic, Automatic
Retina analysis Retina thickness, Inner retinal thickness, Outer retinal thickness
RNFL+GCL+IPL thickness, GCL+IPL thickness, RNFL thickness
RPE deformation, IS/OS thickness
Angiography OCT
an optional software module to purchase
Angiography mosaic
Superficial plexus, Deep Plexus, Outer Retina, Choriocapilaries
Depth Coded, Custom, Enface, Thickness
Acquistion method: Auto, Manual
Mosaic modes: 7×7 mm, 10×6 mm, 10×10 mm, 12×5 mm, manual up to 12 images
Glaucoma analysis RNFL, ONH morphology, DDLS, Ganglion analysis as RNFL+GCL+IP and GCL+IPL, OU and Hemisphere asymmetry
Anterior Pachymetry, LASIK flap, Angle Assessment, AIOP, AOD 500/750,
TISA 500/750
Biometry OCT
an optional software module to purchase
Corneal Topography Map
an optional software module to purchase
Axial [Anterior, Posterior], Refractive Power [Kerato, Anterior, Posterior, Total], Net Map, Axial True Net, Equivalent Keratometer, Elevation [Anterior, Posterior], Height
Connectivity DICOM Storage SCU, DICOM MWL SCU, CMDL, Networking
Anterior Wide Scan Angle to Angle view, Adapter required
Min.  pupil size 3 mm
Focus adjustment range -25D to +25D
Dimensions (WxDxH) 382 x 556 × 469 mm
Weight 23 kg
Fixation target OLED display (The target shape and position can be changed),
External fixation arm
Power supply 110-230 V,  60/50 Hz
Power consumption 115 – 140 VA

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