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FVD 24inch Computerised Test Chart – Polarised

Product Ref: DMD-FVD-POLA-24

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Also available as Wide Vista Vision with no polarisation.

6 years warranty (limited to 2 years for the LCD surface/screen).

Optional WiFi tablet available Click here to view

Pola Tests, MKH-Haase tests …
Binocular tests are shown with positive polarization through a special LCD screen: a unique solution for both monocular and binocular vision tests!
cross triangle cowen coinc
Charts, ETDRS
V.A. range from 0.03 to 2.0 (decimal), 13 contrast LogSC levels, random, single letter, single line, multi line, red and green.
sloan ETDRS ott child csc6
Contrast Sensitivity Test
 “FAST 2-1” psycho-physic procedure
144 calibrated stimuli, 3 random inclinations, 8 contrast sensitivity levels, 6 spatial frequency levels (from 0.75 to 18 cycle/degree), graph report.
con1 con2 con3 con4 con5
Ishihara Tables
(25 brightness calibrated tables)
 ishiara1  ishiara2  ishiara3
Stereo test
(15 tables) to use with red-green glasses
 stereo1  stereo2  stereo3
List of Charts:
Optotypes: Snellen Letters, Sloan Letters, Numbers, Children’s Images, Tumbling E, Landolt’s Ring, HOTV, ETDRS tables (1, 2, R), LeaLike Symbols, Allen Pre-school, Circular Optotypes, Kolt Symbols, Contrast Sensitivity Chart (6 lines, 12 lines), Hebrew Letters, Chinese Ideograms.
MKH tests: Cross Test (K), Pointer Test (Zv, Zo, DZ), Rectangle Test Vertical (H), Stereo Triangle (St), Stereo Balance (V), Differentiated Stereo (D6/D8), Cowen (C), Random Dot Test (RS, RH).
Other polarized tests: Rectangle Test Horizontal, Binocular Balance (1, 2, 3), Osterberg Test, Schober’s Test, Phoria Horizontal-Vertical, Mallet Test (OXO), Polarized Clock Dial, Osterberg Stereo Test, Cross Test.
Other tests: Contrast Sensitivity Test, Sinusoidal Grating, Color Blindness Test (Ishihara), Red and Green, Worth Four Dot Test, Astigmatism Clock Dial, Cross Cylinder Dots, Amsler’s Grid, Random Dot Test Red-Green, Adult Grid, Child Grid, Row Bright Letters, Column Bright Letters, Half Clock Dial, Point of Fix, Maddox LED Test, Pictures for Retinoscopy, Photostress Recovery Time, Twilight Vision Test. 
Infrared Remote Control:
  • ad-hoc designed and dedicated remote control
  • full functionality of EyeExamination Far Pola
  • dynamic behavior
eyeTablet  Operation Panel + Near Vision Tester (optional):
  • high technology, user-friendly, touchscreen interface and wireless
  • easy operation and full functionality
  • you can perform eye examination without look directly to the chart panel
  • this networking technology allows you to use multiple chart panels in the same examination room
  • 2 products in 1: Near Vision Tester integrated

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 BlueKit Wireless Connection Kit to Phoropter (optional):

  • compatible with Huvitz HDR-7000, Huvitz CDR-3100, Indo eDR-10, Potec PAV-6100, Unicos UDR-700 and Tomey TAP-1000.


  • easy to install (if needed converter box not provided)

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  • High technology
  • All in one 22” POLA Visual Acuity Tester
  • 100% separation and equal background
  • Image separation created through the most improved polarisation technique eliminates ghost images
  • Without any additional items, POLA Vista Vision allows the generation of optoypes with positive polarization
  • LCD 22inch wide screen (1680 x 1050), anti glare, calibrated constant certified luminance
  • Wall mounting and portable
  • Completely silent (no fan noise)
  • Computer integrated; fast built-on and instant-off (embedded Linux operating system)
  • Dynamic tests based on parameters and distance
  • All letters chart with random and contrast sensitivity function
  • Complete, precise and versatile software for a fast acuity evaluation: programmable patient’s vision examination
  • Free internet upgrade software USB Key
  • Long-life, up to date technology

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