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August 6, 2013

Briot hop to Norville Autoflow

Luneau Technology, manufacturers of the BRIOT optician’s lens edger range, announces that, as from this August distribution of Briot machinery products in the UK will pass to Norville Autoflow from the current distributor BIB. Tim Baker CEO of BIB said “We have had over 2 years of successful trading with Briot, but our key focus is our expanding range of diagnostic instruments & we are pleased that Norville Autoflow, with their proven history as edging specialists, will take over the reins.” BIB will retain warranty responsibility for their recently supplied units & Norville Autoflow will assume care of all older units that are out of current warranty arrangements.  Norville Autoflow looks forward to presenting a complete edger package range at a variety of price points and technical service solutions across a wide range of lab needs from volume production to small opticians’ workshops.  Contact Norville Autoflow on 01452 510308 Fax: 01452 381290 Email:

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