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I have just bought my new slit lamp form BIB, the Righton MW50D . It has astounding optics and the field of view is the best I have ever seen.  With really good LED illumination & optics, there is little to go wrong.


—  Paul Adler Optometrist 41a Abbey Avenue St Albans Herts AL3 4BH Tel +44(0)1727 842232 50 High Street Stotfold Herts SG5 4LL Tel +44 (0)1462 732393

Paul Adler Optometrist recommends the Righton MW50D LED Slit Lamp

December, 2016

Hi Tim,

I travelled with Ted and James from Arbuthnots to Uganda last week.

The eye hospital were very excited to receive their new slit lamp.

I was surprised that they had quite a number of slit lamps but those I used were in poor condition so a replacement will be very useful.

So rest assured that your donation will be put to good use.

I am sure Ted has thanked you on behalf of Vale for Africa.

If you have any equipment in future that you think might be useful to the BEH and are willing to donate, please let us know so we can work out how to get it to them.

Thank you

All the best  


Marc Drake



BIB donation to “Vale for Africa”

September, 2016

Hello Tim, Ron and Steve,

I hope you all had a good weekend. I went to see Mr Khan from Mango Optical last week.

I just thought you would all like to know how highly he spoke of you. He said you were really easy to deal with and couldn’t have been more helpful. It’s always nice to go and see happy customers!

Many thanks,

Susan Marshall

Performance Finance

Susan Marshall

Account Manager – Scotland, Northern Ireland, Northumberland, Durham, Tyne & Wear, Cleveland, Cumbria and North Yorkshire.

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Performance Finance Ltd, First Floor, 5 Kings Court, Kettering Parkway, Kettering, NN15 6WJ
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Mango Optical

July, 2016

A big thank you to BIB and Steve Edwards for our fantastic new equipment.  Our Henson 7000 and Volk Pictor posterior and anterior camera are a great addition to our equipment.  Thank you to Steve Edwards for his amazing patience and service.  We highly recommend BIB.

Hazel Bough


hb Opticians Ltd


HB Opticians

October, 2015

To all the BIB team,

We would like to thank you all for your excellent service, advice and support in opening our new practice.  We have worked closely with many companies through this process and your team have surpassed themselves.

We appreciate your service and will learn from your excellent customer care.

Kind regards


Dunne & Drennan Eyecare Ltd



Dunne & Drennan Eyecare Ltd

August, 2015

Every time i have dealt with you guys its always been a good experience.   Also my current autorefractor that i purchased from you guys has been spot on.  It is actually a very impressive product especially with regards to not over minusing patient.’s which is a common flaw in autorefractors.

Kind Regards

Jignesh Patel

Jignesh Patel

July, 2014

Ron Hi,

I know you may not want to hear this but they managed to save my old table but it left my very impressed with their service.

These guys did all they could do to save my old table even though they had a brand new table sitting in their van which would have been easy to install and made you guys more money.

What this tells me is you are genuine and much more interested in my custom knowing that good service will mean I am justified in always coming back to you when I need more kit or recommending you when anyone asks.

Rest assured my table will not last forever and when it goes down next I’ll be able to relieve you of any one you have in stock and will look forward to doing good business in the future.

All the best

Boots Balham

Simon, Boots (Balham)

July, 2014

“After using various traditional non mydriatic fundus cameras within my practice and carrying out diabetic screening and grading for Hospitals for the past 10 years, I was amazed at the performance of the new Cobra Fundus Camera. I am very proactive in promoting fundus imaging, however circa 40% of the images I take for non Diabetic Patients without dilation are not of a decent standard which is down to one major factor, pupil size. However after using the new Cobra Fundus Camera I am now more confident in achieving  good results, all of the time, without the need for dilation.

I would recommend The Cobra for any practitioner looking to invest in fundus imaging for everyday use, as it gives great images every time whatever the pupil size, age of patient and in whatever lighting environment”


Thank you


Nelesh Mistry BSc (Hons) McOptom FBDO Dip (clin.optom) / Wolverhampton.

December, 2012

Many thanks for installing the Medmont E300 Corneal Topographer.

I was concerned that having 2 chin rests would be a poor solution as it turned out your advice was right and I am very pleased with it in use.

The repair on the power connection is also working well.

The unit itself will be a welcome addition to my capabilities. I am attending a Scotlens day next month and will start fitting Ortho K etc.

I currently use No7 for most of my GP lenses and I have installed their software. Many thanks to Ian (BIB) for helping me connect this with the Medmont software this morning. I will have ordered my first pair of multifocal GPs with the help of topography before the day is out.

Many thanks for your service.


Marc Drake


Osmond Drake Opticians

September, 2012

I just thought I would email to say thank you for all of your hard work in getting the  Cobra Fundus Camera sorted for me, its very much appreciated. You may also be interested in some of the photos I took yesterday, unbelievably all in a routine morning’s clinic. They include mild AMD type macular disturbance in a 30 year old. A Sudden onset total temporal retinal detachment. A Cupped optic disc and inferior retinal nevus. The retinal detachment was the only photo taken through a dilated pupil. The retinal nevus patient had mild cataract, yet still a good image.

I have been keeping a list of patients with interesting pathologies over the past few months that I intend to get back now the camera is here. Cobra Fundus Pictures


Martin  Rawlinson

Hilton & Rawlinson Optometrists



May, 2012

Just thought I would drop you a line to complement your Briot engineer Steve, who I thought went out of his way to help me install some feeler arms on my old Briot. I started at 1.30pm and didn’t finish till gone 6.20pm, yes it was more difficult than I could have imagined, but Steve was always ready to tell me what to do next, in fact he was even happy to advise me after he left work from his car (he had bluetooth)! He must have the patience of a saint.

 Once again thank you for your help and professionalism!



Broomfield Opticians

April, 2012

 I found the tonometer I was looking for in BiB’s excellent website.

Although it was an ex-demo model, BiB were happy to include a one year guarantee.

Payment and delivery went smoothly.

I found the staff helpful and well informed.


Gerry Cowley

Westfield Opticians

March, 2012