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Air8 280 NANO

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Clean air has never been more important  Safe Air Space - EN - AIR8

Is your practice a SAFE AIR SPACE?

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Show your patients you care and promote “Safe Air Space” within your practice with Air8 medical-                                     grade technology air sanitisers.

Air8 multi-stage filtration products are powerful devices combining the most advanced technologies currently available on the market. Our medical-grade HEPA NANO filters remove 99.97% of malicious particles from the air providing safe environments for both business and leisure. High efficiency in killing viruses (ie. Coronavirus) and bacteria is ensured by the implementation of multiple filtering systems.

As a result of the current environmental conditions, we face the presence of suspended and invisible microparticles every time we breathe. The elevated level of air pollution inevitably raises the amount of chemical, physical and biological pollutants inside buildings.

The air quality depends on the amount of suspended particles it contains. Fine or coarse particles can linger in the air for multiple hours, and can carry allergens and dust, but also active viruses (ie. Coronavirus).

To minimise the risk of Covid-19 transmission, respiratory symptoms and uncomfortable allergy signs, you need to know what air you are breathing.

Air8 integrated solutions provide secure interior air for your patients and employees.

Safe Air Space systems combine multiple advanced technologies that ensure the highest air filtration efficiency in removing malicious particles.

Air model 280 NANO is the ideal unit for your consulting room. Effective area coverage 12m to 24m squared.

“Safe Air Space” stickers and window stickers provided to promote your “Safe Air Space” practice.


Be prepared for the new “Indoor safe air space requirements”

Whilst the focus of the world right now is Covid-19 poor air quality has long been recognised as a major contributor to health issues.  The need for air purification extends way beyond Covid-19.

The UK Health Forum and Imperial College London conducted research for Public Health England. They declared that a 1 µg/m3 reduction in fine PM could prevent (approximately) the following:

  • 50,900 cases of coronary heart disease

  • 16,500 strokes

  • 9,300 cases of asthma

  • 4200 lung cancers

  •  A link to this is here source

The impact of air quality in schools/indoor spaces .Article 

The UK government also estimates the impact of air quality can have between £8-12 billion of effect. Link here about the financial impact


Offering a safe environment for your employees, clients and patients is a win-win situation from all aspects:

  • Stop the spread of viruses in highly occupied areas

  • Reduce allergy symptoms all-year-long

  • Capture any other harmful particles

  • Comply with highest hygiene standards

  • Keep vital medical staff safe, healthy and at work

  • Reassure your patients by taking extra measures

  • Promote health and raise productivity

  • Reduce sick-leave

  • Create a feeling of general gratitude and appreciation

  • Reassure the people you care about

  • Gain time by choosing an immediately available solution

  • Turn your practice into a promotional tool


What makes AIR8 air purifiers so good?

  • Medical class HEPA filter (H13)
  • UV-C lamps for complete disinfection of collected virus
  • 100% ozone-free technology
  • Quality mark CE on the equipment and TÜV mark on the filter technology
  • Plug & Play, without installation or adjustment
  • Mobile and compact, easy to move plus remote control with App

One HEPA filter is not the other

HEPA is an abbreviation for high-efficiency particulate air and stands for air filters that block at least 85% of all dust particles of 0.3 micrometers (µm). Incidentally, particles smaller than 0.3 µm are also captured better than the indicated percentage, but that is a very technical story. It is important to know that there are different classes of HEPA filters.

HEPA filter classes

The HEPA filter classes are specified in European Standard 1822: 2009 of the European Union.

HEPA class
Retention (total)
E10 > 85%
E11 > 95%
E12 > 99,5%
H13 > 99,95%
AIR8 air purifiers use HEPA H13 filters which is exceptionally high compared to many other air purifying systems.


6-stage filtration technology

  • Pre-filtration
  • HEPA NANO filtration Carbon filtration
  • Cold Catalyst
  • UV-GI light
  • Ioniser


  • Touchscreen control panel
  • Auto/sleep mode
  • 1-10 hours timer
  • Ultra-silent air sanitiser < 45dB
  • Energy efficiency max 50W


  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Modern design
  • Dimensions: 64 x 35 x 19 cm
  • Weight: 6.8 kg


  • Low maintenance
  • Filter replacement reminder
  • HEPA filter to be replaced every 3000 hours of use


  • TÜV certified HEPA NANO filters
  • EC certified technology
  • EN 1822 compliant device


  • 99,97% particulate filtration
  • Clean Air Delivery Rate of 280 m3/h
  • 100% ozone free
  • 99,99% UV-GI sterilisation

Clinical Illustration reference sites:


  • Air8 Air Sanitisers

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