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AOC Vision Chart


AOC Polar  is the ultimate solution for all your acuity chart needs, for both monocular and binocular vision examination.

AOC Polar is the new all-in-one computerized vision chart  supplied with an infra-red remote control. In addition an optional touch-screen remote console allows for additional more controlled in depth tests and allows for a  programmable sequence of opto types as well as being used for a complete near vision test.

AOC Polar  performs most comprehensive suite of tests strictly implemented according to internationally recognized standards.  Binocular tests are shown with positive polarization. The highest quality circular polarisation is used which results in 100% separation providing the ultimate accuracy in binocular balancing.

AOC Polar is an high-tech and professional instrument, designed with unconditional attention to details, highly reliable, energy saving, at a very affordable price.

Key Features:
  • 24” FULL-HD LED with circular polarization
  • All-in-One Visual Acuity System with stable Linux OS for reliability
  • Thin, clear design that fits and matches to any room or atmosphere
  • Clear images from effective separation
  • Excellent circular polarization for binocular separation
  • More than 60 test for distance vision, 25 polarized tests and 40 test for near vision
  • Driving licence examination
  • Low vision and illiterate facilities
  • Wall / Table Mount
  • Multimedia functions
  • Easy to use
  • Intuitive IR remote control
  • Touch-screen wireless Remote Console (optional)
  • Virtual mirror


AOC Polar performs most comprehensive suite of tests strictly implemented according to internationally recognized standards.

AOC Polar is a unique solution for both monocular and binocular vision tests. Binocular tests and MKH-Haase tests are shown with circular polarization through a special LCD monitor.

The ultimate embedded technology grants reliability, powerness and long lasting performances.

AOC Vision Chart – Far more than you average test chart.


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