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Charops- CDR-9000 Digital Phoropter Head (2nd Generation)

Product Ref: OZMA-CDR9000

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Digital Phoropter Head Features

  • Single Jog dial to control, spherical, cylindrical and axis changes

  • Memory function for instant comparisons. Unaided, existing RX (LM) and final subjective results for both far & near comparisons at the touch of a button.

  • Binocular balancing/ret made easy. selectable power Ret Lens +1.5-+2.0. Fog or Ret whilst leaving other eye chamber open. Easily swap between both eyes. Auto Occlusion also available when swapping between eyes.

  • Intelligent chart link between HDC -7000 and CDR-9000. Certain charts, cross cly power/axis, muscle balance charts when selected the CDR-9000 automatically selects the appropriate aux lens saving time with additional key strokes.

  • Quick and easy chart selection. All charts are selectable via the CDR-9000 color tiltable touch screen on the control panel or can be selected using the infra red remote hand set.

  • Powerful Cross Cylinder Lens

    Offers fast and convenient examinations. Automatic occluding function accommodates the patient’s eye while the lens is rotating over 45° or test mode is changing.

  • Test Process Programming

    A maximum of 10 customized test process can be programmed and saved with the detailed setting of unit test charts conversion, auxiliary lens inserting fogging, chart masking, etc.

  • Real Time Guide

    Guides displayed on screen provide faster and easier refraction.

  • Results Displayed in Tables & Graphics

    Results are now faster and easier to understand.

  • Various Image Clips

    Color blindness test, Amsler’s Grid & many other kinds of vision charts are provided. Image clips, such as progressive lens guide and diagrams of an eye & refraction offer easier methods of explaining results to patients.

  • Specifications

    Spherical Lense
    • -29.00~+26.75D (Regular)
    • -19.00~+16.75D (Cross Cylinder or Prism Test)
    • (0.12D / 0.25D / 0.5D / 1.0D / 2.0D / 3.0D / 4.0D Increments)
    Cylinder Lense 0.00~±8.75D (0.25D / 0.5D / 1D / 2D / 3D Increments)
    Cylinder Axis 0。~180。(1。/ 5。/ 15。Increments)
    • 48~80mm( 0.5 / 1mm Increments)
    • Near PD 50~74mm ( Near Working Distance : 35~70cm)
    Rotary Prism 0~20Δ (0.1Δ/ 0.2Δ/ 0.5Δ/ 1Δ/ 2Δ Increments)
    Cross Cylinder ±0.25D / ±0.50D / ±0.25D Dual Cross Cylinder (Split Prism Lens )
    Retinoscope +1.5D, +2.0D (Measurement Distance 67cm, 50cm)
    Pin Hole Lense ø2mm
    Madox Rod Right Eye (Red, Horizontal ) Left Eye (Red, Vertical )
    Red / Green Filter Right Eye (Red), Left Eye (Green)
    Polarizing Filter Right Eye :135。, 45。/ Left Eye : 45。, 135。
    Split Prism Right Eye : 6ΔBU / Left Eye :10ΔBI (up to 5ΔComplement)
    Fixed Cross Cylinder ±0.50D (Fixed with the axis set at 90。
    Phoropter 361(W) x 108(D) x 280(H) mm / 4.74kg
    Controller 216(W) x 246(D) x 225(H) mm / 1.89kg (Printer Inclusion )
    Junction Box 251(W)x 240(D)x 71(H) mm / 1.88kg
    Power Supply AC 100-120V / AC 200-240V 50 / 60Hz
    Power Consumption 145VA

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