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CHAROPS HDC 7000 Visual Acuity Software

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  • The multi-functional, high quality Charops HDC-7000 is one of the newest advances in LCD systems offering you maximum versatility and adaptability.
  • HDC-7000 holds a range of charts including binocular balance, stereopsis and binocular fusion.
  • As there are so many available, it is possible to program the chart to display your favourites so they can be accessed with one click of a button on your infra-red remote control.
  • The HDC-7000PF is ideal if you are short of space in your test room-the test chart supports the use of a mirror and can be set at a distance between 2.5-7m.
  • If you already have Charops/Huvitz  equipment within your test room, the HDC-7000 is a perfect addition as it is compatible with the CDR-9000 digital refractors.
  • A simple connection allows you to start using the chart immediately.

Features of the Digital Chart HDC-7000

▪ Larger LCD Chart than Previous Models
▪ Outstanding Options on Multiple Charts
▪ Smart Charts with Random Display Function
▪ Programmable Chart Function
▪ Chart Contrast Adjustment
▪ Image Gallery
▪ Huvitz/Charops Compatibility
▪ More Precise Distance Adjustment
▪ HDC-7000 Supports Smaller Rooms
▪ Chart Versatility
▪ More Adaptability with Red/Green Colour Adjustment
digital chart hdc-7000 huvitz Outstanding Options on Multiple Charts
The 41 standard charts include binocular balance aniseikonia, stereopsis, and binocular fusion charts.
Smart Charts with Random Display Function
The random display function makes it impossible for the examinee to memorize the chart contents and therefore does not affect the prescription.
Programmable Chart Function
For your convenience, you can program the most frequently used charts. In fact, it’s possible to use only one button of the remote controller during the examination.
digital chart hdc-7000 huvitz Chart Contrast Adjustment
Thanks to built-in contrast adjustment alternatives, the HDC-7000 enables you to pinpoint the most accurate prescription.
digital chart hdc-7000 huvitz Image Gallery
Color blindness charts as well as images designed for patient education are also available. You can even create your own galleries by adding images with a simple “copy and paste” function!
digital chart hdc-7000 huvitz More Precise Distance Adjustment
The HDC-7000 offers you precise distance settings allowing you to keep your current equipment settings and placement. Working distance between 2.5-7.0 meters, at a scale of 0.1 m.HDC-7000 Supports Smaller Rooms
The HDC 7000 enables smaller room use with the application of mirror display functions.

Package includes the following:

Remote Controller: is a device for controlling HDC-7000 Installation CD: includes setup files that install software program and manual for HDC-7000
interface between remote controller(IR), HDR/CDR(CAN) and HDC-7000 USB Cable: provides a USB interface connection from IR/CAN receiver to PC.


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