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Fluorescein Filter

Product Ref: BIB-FILTER

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High performance filter ready to take your clinic to the next level

Introducing Aston Vision Sciences’ colour enhanced Fluorescein Filter, the perfect choice for high-resolution and effortless observation of the anterior surface and a wide range of anterior eye defects. The filter provides superior viewing performance and is especially good at seeing tear film break up used for dry eye disease assessment, partial blinks and foreign bodies in the eye.

The Filters unique shape makes it comfortable enough to hold but has also been designed to clip on to many common slit lamps, allowing for a fast and simple upgrade of existing equipment.

Common uses of the Fluorescein Filter  include the viewing of:

  • Corneal abrasions
  • Trauma
  • Foreign bodies/ debris
  • Tear breakup
  • Partial blinking
  • Contact lens fitting/ irritation

AVS’s unique yellow colour formula is tuned to work close to the fluorescein emission spectrum, clinicians get high clarity and contrast compared to others on the market- all at a much lower price. Performance is very strong in lower blue-light levels which is more pleasurable for patients too.

What makes the Fluorescein Filter from Aston Vision Sciences so good?

  1. See more Details
    Tuned colour formula reveals fine details, even in difficult lighting conditions
  2. Perform more Tests
    Convenient hands free operation with many compatible slit lamps
  3. Multi Use
    In situations without a compatible slit lamp filter can be held in position by hand
  4. Anti-scratch Protection
    Raised bumpers along with large lens area give both protection and clear unobstructed viewing
  5. Low Cost, High Performance
    High performance, simplicity and convenience, all in a low cost solution

Tear film break-up in action

Fast changes in tear film composition give rise to darker regions indicating the possibility of dry eye disease which become apparent with the Fluorescein Filter.



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