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Kay Picture Letter Test – KLTND

Product Ref: KAY-KLTND

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The Kay Letter Test measures near and distance visual acuity using eight British Standards letters in twelve LogMAR sizes from 1.0 to -0.1 (3/30 to 3/2.4).

Near and distance letters are presented in a crowding box, four to a row (except size 1.0). Each letter has a value that contributes to the exact acuity score, which is displayed as a table and on the top left of each page for easy reference.

Two complete sets of letters are provided to test each eye with a different letter combination. In addition, sizes 0.3 to -0.1 display two rows of letters per page for extra choice, or to double-check results.

The side index displays acuity sizes in LogMAR and Snellen metres and feet, which are easily chosen from the tabs.

Also included are a series of high frequency words in N print sizes N48 to N5 and a matching/recognition card.

All pages can be wiped clean, in compliance with infection control guidelines. The covers are encapsulated with robust plastic and internal pages are matt laminated.

Full instructions are printed on the inside cover. The book measures 26cm x 17.5cm.

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