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80,000 A Scans per second provide the ultimate detail


Fundus Camera with the complete REVO 80 functionality
The combination of an All-in-One OCT technology with a Full Color Fundus Camera in one compact system gives you high quality OCT images and a detailed color image for a multipurpose diagnosis.
Capturing color fundus images of retina and OCT scanning of a retina in a single shot on one device saves both time and space.


Now you can use the REVO FC in the way you need it:

  • as a Full Color Fundus Camera
  • as a combo providing simultaneous OCT and fundus images
  • only for high quality OCT imaging including OCT-A
  • as a Biometry device

REVO FC offers all proven advantages of REVO systems with a cutting-edge color Fundus imaging for a new level of diagnostic certainty. High quality OCT scanning and a comprehensive analysis of the retinal layers combined with a Fundus imaging make the examination versatile as never before.

What makes the REVO FC truly unique is its integrated non-mydriatic 12.3 Mpix Fundus Camera capable of capturing ultra-high quality and detailed color images. The REVO FC Fundus Camera is fully automated, safe and easy to use.

  • The advanced optical system ensures high quality imaging at as wide as 45° viewing angle.
  • A Color Fundus image capturing is possible with a pupil as small as 3.3 mm. An OCT scan is possible even on a 2.4 mm pupil.
  • Easy to use image processing tools such as  RGB channel, brightness, contrast, gamma and sharpness adjusters used with filters deliver a stunning retinal image.
  • Available view modes present detailed photos of a single or both eyes as well as a time comparison of the fundus photos.

Full screen Fundus Photo view Both eyes Fundus Photo view
Full screen Fundus Photo  Both eyes Fundus Photo view
Comparison Fundus Photo view
Fundus Photo Comparison view

REVO FC with  80 000 A-scan/sec scanning speed offers advanced technologies and remarkable simplicity of operation. It meets all requirements for modern optical tomographs.

Single 3D Retina examination is enough to perform both Retina and Glaucoma analysis based on retinal scans. Software automatically recognises 8 retina layers. Thus allowing a more precise diagnosis and mapping of any changes in the patient’s retina condition.

Comprehensive glaucoma analytical tools for quantifcation of the Nerve Fiber Layer, Ganglion layer and Optic Head with DDLS allow for the precise diagnosis and monitoring of glaucoma over time.
With the golden standard 14 optic nerve parameters and a new Rim to Disc and Rim Absence the description of ONH condition is quick and precise.
Advanced view which provides combined information from Retina and Disc scan to integrate details of the Ganglion cells, RNFL, ONH in a wide field perspective for comprehensive analysis.

Advance Retina & ONH ONH Single

Asymmetry Analysis of Ganglion layers between hemi-spheres and between eyes allows easier identification and detection of glaucoma in early stages and in non-typical patients.

Ganglion Both Ganglion Progression
GLAUCOMA Ganglion Both GLAUCOMA Ganglion Progression

Implemented the DDLS  – Disc Damage Likelihood Scale which use 3 separate classification for small, average and large discs. It supports the practitioners in a quick and precise evaluation of the patient’s glaucomatous disc damages.

ONH Both ONH Progression

To eliminate common problem with the understanding of the patient’s IOP pachymetry module provides IOP Correction value.  With the implemented Adjusted IOP formula you can quickly and precisely understand the measured IOP value.
As the Pachymetry and Anterior Chamber Angle Verification require no additional attachments, the predefined Glaucoma protocol, which consists of Retina, Disc and Anterior scans, can be done automatically to reduce patient chair time.

Closing angle Anterior single view
Closing angle Anterior single view
  * Images courtesy of Prof. Edward Wylęgała MD, PhD


STRUCTURE & FUNCTION – Combined OCT and VF results analysis

Invaluable combination of information about the functional quality of vision with comprehensive data on retinal Ganglion Cells, RNFL and Optic Nerve Head for both eyes on a single report page. The S&F report contains the following:

  • VF sensitivity results (24-2/30-2 or 10-2)
  • Total and Pattern Deviation probability graphs for VF results
  • Reliability and Global indices for VF results
  • Combined map of Structure & Function
  • Ganglion cell analysis (GCL+IPL or NFL+GCL+IPL)
  • ONH and NFL analysis including charts and comparison tables
  • NFL Asymmetry Plot

The S&F report compares in a natural way the anatomical relationship between VF and RNFL/Ganglion maps.

Structure & Function
STRUCTURE & FUNCTION - Combined OCT and VF results analysis

S+F provides a quick and comprehensive single page report for glaucoma management.

Anterior segment lens for standard and wide examinations is built into the device. No additional lens is required.

Cornea single Cornea both
ANTERIOR Cornea single ANTERIOR Cornea both
Cornea Comparison Cornea Progression
Anterior Cornea Comparison Anterior Cornea Progression

High density of standard 3D scan allows to precisely track the disease progression. Operator can analyse changes is morphology, quantified progression maps and evaluate the progression trends.

Progression Morphology Progression Quantification
FOLLOW UP Progression Morphology FOLLOW UP Progression Quantification

Comparison view is an easy and convenient way to review results from two separate visits. The view is available for most of the scan programs.

A proficient networking solution increases productivity and an enhanced patient experience. It allows you to view and manage multiple examinations from review stations in your practice. Effortlessly helping to facilitate patient education by allowing you to interactively show examination results to patients. Every practice will have different requirements which we can provide by tailoring a bespoke service. There is no additional charge for the server module.

Store, exchange, and transmit results through DICOM gateway to the hospital network.


Latest SOCT software version 10.0.1. Update is available on all REVO devices*.
Key functionalities of the new SOCT Software version 10.0.1:

Full Range

Anterior Chamber scans

Entire Anterior Chamber in a Single Scan with a 5 mm x 16 mm scan window

Anterior Chamber analysis; Cornea, Aqueous Depth measurement

OCT Gonioscopy and Lens rise for Glaucoma and Cataract diagnostics

Posterior Enhanced depth

Expanded diagnostics with a 5 mm scan depth for nontypical cases

Deep Images of the Retina, Choroid and Vitreous for Highly Myopic Eyes

Denoise function powered by Artificial Intelligence algorithms Perfect tomogram quality is now achieved without having to acquire and merge multiple tomograms. The revolutionary AI technology delivers images with greatly reduced image noise, increased detail and improved visibility, all within milliseconds.

Improved Biometry

IOL formulas (Hoffer Q, Holladay I, Haigis, Theoretical T, Regression II)

WTW & P (automatic and manual measurement)

Updated follow-up

Improved precision in the positioning of follow-up examinations
The function of Extracted tomograms allows the user to reliably identify minor changes for improved monitoring of the treatment

Updated S&F functionalities

New Sectors for more sensitive S&F overlaying

Modified algorithm for retina segment abnormality judgement method of NFL loss detection

Numerical VF results overlay on the image of the OCT structure

Improved patient matching between OCT and VF

Auto Fundus registration and Link Fundus examinations

Auto registration with Auto-detection of the fundus image type – Color, Red Free, FA, FAF, ICG, Other

Correlation – Fundus and OCT point to point correlation

Link examination – allows the user to link several OCT exams with a single fundus photo


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