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OPTOPOL T-OCT Corneal Topography Software

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 T-OCT™ is world’s first implementation of a detailed Corneal analysis system performed by a posterior dedicated OCT

  • New dedicated Topography scan program: T-OCT
  • Fixed scan parameters: 16 scans, 8 mm
  • Scan time: 0,17 sec for NX; 0,3 sec for REVO
  • Automatic examination: A-Alignment, A-Focus and C-gate mode
  • Topographic analysis of Anterior & Posterior surface,
  • Real topography analysis of local cornea thickness
  • Periodic calibration check up
  • Calibration tool included in the price
  •  T-OCT is an optional software module available to purchase with REVO 60 and NX models


  • T-OCT™ is a pioneering way to provide detailed corneal Curvature maps by using posterior dedicated OCT. Ante-rior, Posterior  surface and Corneal Thickness allow to provide the  True Net Curvature information. With Net power, the precise understading of the patient’s corneal condition comes easily and is free of errors associated with modelling of posterior surface of the cornea.  SOCT T-OCT module provides Axial maps, Tangential maps, Total Power map, Height maps, Epithelium and Corneal thickness maps.
    Corneal topography module clearly shows the changes in the cornea on the difference map view. Customize your
    Topography module provides:

    • Full featured Corneal mapping of Anterior, Posterior and Real
    • Precise Astigmatism Display Option (SimK: Anterior, Posterior, Real,  Meridian and Emi-Meridian ø 3, 5, 7 mm zones

    Easly detect and classified keratoconus with Keratoconus classifier. Classification based on KPI, SAI, DSI, OSI and CSI. In the early stages of kera-toconus the results can be complemented by Epithelium and Pachymatery maps.

    Normal Astigmatysm Keratoconus
    TOPOGRAPHY normal TOPOGRAPHY astigmatism TOPOGRAPHY keratoconus

    Comprehensive software features  a range of selectable views: Single, Both. See details on standard Singe view and easly see corneal asymmetry on the Both view.
    The follow-up feature in to the T-OCT™ module, allows fully compare the changes in the corneal topography over time for:

    • LASIK undergone patients
    • Keratoconus patients
    • The contact lens wearers
    Single Both
    Comparison Progression
    TOPOGRAPHY comparison TOPOGRAPHY progression

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