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The Ultimate Dispensing App – “Any-i”

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  • Overcome complicated explanations and save valuable dispensing time
  • Let you patients experience the benefits for themselves
  • Generic explanations and demonstartions helps up sell any manufactures lens
  • A one off payment with no annual licence fee.
  • Start up -selling today and increase your lens revenue


Any-I Dispensing Software App

Any-I Dispensing Software App

Any-I software has been developed using the latest augmented reality software to produce a perfect demonstration tool to show your patients the benefits of the latest lens designs and coatings.

Based on our original 3D Any software, we have further developed to include 2D & 3D lens effects, advanced coating demonstrations and HOA (Higher Order Aberration), with a user friendly function, including a help menu on each screen and multi language support.


Individual PAL


  • Amazing technology that shows realistic lens effect through “Augmented Reality Vision Simulation”
  • Able to compare “Standard PAL” with “Individual PAL” according to patient’s parameters
  • Various Lens effects, according to the parameters



  • Impressive lens effect that looks realistic
  • Effective to compare two different types of progressive lens

Office Lens


  • Multi-choice
  • Easy to explain features on each lens according to “FAR,MID and NEAR” through simulation

User-Friendly Function


  • Help : Instruction that guides how to utilize the app
  • Pen : Useful tool for explanation to patients
  • Camera : Able to experience how the lens effects look
  • Multi-language support



  • A variety of coating effects
  • Unique function to simulate coating effects
  • Easy to compare coating effects

Lens Thickness


  • Selections of lens design to simulate
  • Able to simulate according to a patient’s prescription
  • Comparison with thickness according to lens design or prescription
  • Simulation of lens effect according to lens design or prescription
  • Able to rotate on-screen lenses
  • Selection of frame shape 3D background
  • For more details please download the PDF Product Brochure



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