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Visionix VX120+ Dry Eye – 10 IN 1

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Visionix VX120+ Dry Eye

A space saving multimodal Wavefront based complete diagnostic device

Providing a complete Anterior and refractive solution

  • Wavefront Auto Refraction & Keratometry

  • Auto Refraction –  Including Night Vision Correction

  • Keratometry

  • Non-Contact Tonometery

  • Occular Aberrometry

  • Retro Illumination

  • Corneal Topography

  • Scheimpflug Camera – Anterior Imaging

  • Pachymetry

  • Dry Eye Analysis Inc; NBUT,  TMV Tear Meniscus value with Efron classifications.

    You Can Now Screen And Monitor Eye Pathologies Inclusive The Dry Eye Syndrome.

    • Non-Invasive Tear Breakup Time: A test that processes the movement of the rings on the eye and gives the speed of tear film breakup between two blinks.
    • Meibomian glands: The color camera allows you to make a photo gallery of the parts of the eye and to focus on the meibomian glands area.
    • Tear Meniscus value: Using the manual zoom of the color camera, you can measure the height of the tear meniscus to complete the test.

    A Device For You To Take Care Of The Visual Health Of All Your Patients.

    • You will improve your daily practice
    • You will provide better service and create differentiation
    • You will have more patients and have the opportunity to sell night glasses
    • You will receive better trust and an enhanced reputation

    Increase Your Quality Of Service By Using A Complete Diagnostic Tool

    • Distinguish yourself from your competitors and be a recognized vision expert
    • Reinforce your position as a specialist
    • Create and/or increase relationships with ophthalmologists

    Perform A Complete Examination Of The Anterior Segment Of The Eye

    • Cataracts: Screening and approving candidates for Premium implants
    • Refractive: Screening and approving candidates for surgery
    • Glaucoma: Screening and monitoring
    • Adaptation of rigid, scleral and Ortho-K contact lenses
    • Keratoconus: Screening, stage classification, and monitoring
    • Identifying refraction needs that are linked to night vision
    • Also provides complete readings for refraction and keratometry
    • Screen and monitor Dry Eye Syndrome (DES)

    Obtain Precise Measurements And A Visual Health Assessment Of The Client

    • Accurate vision for your patients with customized glasses that may even correct night vision if needed
    • Create satisfaction and client retention
    • Reinforce wearer’s feeling of security and trust
    • Adaptation of premium products
  • Visionix VX120+ Dry Eye

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