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Volk ClearPod Anti Fog Lens Holder Super Field


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Volk ClearPod

Freedom from Fogging!


The ClearPod diverts fog away from your lens surface giving you ample time to conduct detailed exams without having to interrupt care

Minimize Fog

Maximize Clarity

Fundus exams were performed on the same mask-wearing patient within minutes of each other. The ClearPod provides an uninterrupted clear view of the retina for a complete exam. Without the ClearPod attached, fogging occurs almost instantly, causing inconvenience to both the doctor and patient. See for yourself and watch the video under Audio/Video drop down tab.

Have questions?

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Is there a right side when clipping on a ClearPod?

Yes, the bottom of the ‘V’ of your Volk lens should be positioned towards the flange of the ClearPod. The flange should always point towards your patient. Your ClearPod comes with instructions on how to clip your Pod correctly and you can also download the instructions using this link.

Will the flange touch the patient?

The ClearPod flange is designed to accommodate the right working distance without having to touch the patient. However, patients have varying facial structures just like how every doctor has a unique little sweet spot in the working distance. This might result in the flange touching the patients in some cases. Simply wipe off your ClearPod with an alcohol wipe between every patient and you are good to go.

Does the ClearPod completely prevent fogging?

The ClearPod is designed to delay fogging of your lenses. As the patient breathes, the ClearPod directs warm air currents away from the lens surface. Thus, in most cases doctors are able to complete a through exam before condensation starts to accumulate on your lens. The temperature and humidity in the room can sometimes affect the duration for which you have a clear view.

How long will it take to learn to use the ClearPod?

The ClearPod is designed so that you can still maintain your usual touchpoints on the lens ring even with the ClearPod attached. It might feel different using your lens with the ClearPod the first few times. You may also feel a bit wary as you approach your patient, but it is so light and stable that you won’t even notice it on your lens just after a few uses!

How should I clean/disinfect the ClearPod?

The ClearPod can be cleaned with mild soap or detergent before being rinsed with clean water. Since the ClearPod is a polycarbonate, non-critical device you can use a low level disinfectant such as 70% or higher Ethyl/Isopropyl Alcohol (source: CDC). For a thorough disinfection, we suggest cleaning the ClearPod and then soaking it in a disinfecting solution of 0.525% Sodium Hypochlorite (Bleach) mixed with water for 25 minutes. Thoroughly rinse off the disinfectant before use and wipe your ClearPod dry. Do not autoclave or use heat to clean this product.

I usually tilt/pivot my lens to get a better view of the retina. Will this be possible with the ClearPod attached to my lens?

In some cases when the lens is tilted/pivoted, the ClearPod might get in the way or the optimum position of the flange may be disturbed, increasing the chances of fog accumulating on the lens. You can however, ask the patient to shift their gaze or manipulate your slit lamp controls to obtain the same view as you normally would by tilting/pivoting the lens.

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