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SK Med SL-7DS LED Digital Slit Lamp with DS-1 Dry Eye Analyser

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The SK MED SL-7DS and DS-1 Dry Eye Analyser has been designed to provide operators with every feature and functionality one would expect from a top end digital slit lamp and more…

  • An external Canon Digital SLR 1500D camera capable of 24.1 Megapixels provides unsurpassed high resolution Jpeg and video files for instant capture a playback. Switch seamlessly between either option with no need to make adjustments on the SLR.

  • A fully controllable background illumination light provides the optimum illumination for fine details outside of the slit beam.

  • Diaphragm adjustment facility – Ensuring what you see optically will be captured as observed on the live monitor feed.

  • Capture images and trigger video start stop playback from the Bluetooth joystick control

  • Clarity -100% light transfer assuring the light from the eyepiece and the camera have the same sharpness, without any light reduction

  • PWM Light control method- The special PWM pulse width modulation technology is adopted to adjust the brightness and color temperature of the light source to be always stable, ensuring the true colors observed.

  • Wide slit width up to 15mm adjustable continuously

  • 5 step magnification up to 40 x

  • Exceptional high build quality with excellent movement control combined with high quality multi coated optics

  • Powerful imaging/archiving patient data base included (Requires suitable PC)


Fully comprehensive dry eye analysis

A comprehensive and professional dry eye examination and diagnosis program providing seven methods of dry eye detection functions to provide a reliable basis for clinical diagnosis

Multifunction – A full set of dry eye examinations can be completed in 7 minutes, effectively improving outpatient efficiency

Detailed Dry Eye Test Report – The test report provides images and texts , the test results are clear and detailed helping doctors in recommending appropriate treatment

Non-invasive – Non-invasive inspection method, safer operation, improved patient comfort and promoting better patient cooperation

Automatic – Fully automated software analysis. Quantification of testing standards, for easier diagnosis by doctors

Convenient  – Patient management system, which continuously records and tracks the development of dry eye conditions


Main functions of dry eye module

Imaging Analysis – Automatically analyzes the deficiency rate and categorizes results for determining fast-track patient treatment pathways

Gland Opening – HD eyelid image
Ocular Redness analysis – HD eye surface image, automatically recognize blood vessels, automatic ocular redness analysis scoring
Meibomian Glands Imaging analysis -Acinar-level HD image
Corneal Staining Analysis – Professional fluorescent corneal stain image, automatic analysis
Lipid Layer analysis – Uses a constant and uniform light source for detection. Provides the highest, lowest and average thickness values and provide automatic analysis

TMH – Optional infrared light/ visible light measurement. Can provide central average TMH
NIBUT – Provide first, average break-up time. Automatic analysis

PC Requirement

CPU, Model:intel i5, Speed:≥2.9 GHz, RAM ≥16G, Graphics card – Chips: nVidia GTX1650, Type: Discrete Graphics Cards -Display card capacity:4G -Hard Disk ≥1T – System Windows 10 64bit or Windows 11 64bit -Hard Disk Partition C: ≥100G D: ≥700G (At least two zones) – USB connector port  USB 2 x 2 and 3 x 1 – Display Screen Resolution:1920*1080 – Laptops or all-in-one computers need to disable the camera that comes with the computer – When running dry eye programs, please close the anti-virus software – Turn off system updates – It is recommended to turn off the firewall


Slit Lamp specifications

 Optical effect Cell-level observation and high resolution
Optical design type Parallel angle type
Magnification Changer Revolving drum
Eyepiece Magnification 12.5X
Magnification 6.3X,10X,


Visual Field Diameter 6.3X:31mm;





Slit width 0mm-15mm
Slit height 1mm-15mm
Spot diameter φ0.2,φ1,φ2,


Filter Heat insulation, light reduction,red-free, cobalt blue
Light source control PWM pulse width modulation
Light Source Imported warm LED
Filter Filter infrared and ultraviolet
Handle operation Slider flexible design
Aperture position Split optical path front
Background illumination Co-axial
  • New video of LS 7 series

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